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The Short Answer is: Absolutely, Positively, YES!

Sincerely, truthfully, honestly, simply, anything less is a disservice!   It is an injustice to your sensibilities!  It's not more than you need, just more than you are accustomed to receiving!

Actually, in the final analysis, there are only two states/conditions:  "in-tune" & "out-of-tune" (clear/clean & fuzzy/dirty).

The main reason this question is asked by so many people is that they have never experienced the benefits of a perfect scale of optimized overtone alignment.  In reality, this is what tuning is all about.  Is it not so much more spectacular to view all the colors of the rainbow, or sunset, etc., with perfect eyesight, as opposed to viewing with color blindness?  If one had never experienced the full spectrum of color, there would be no possible understanding, even desire, for that which was missing.  This same analogy applies to sound perception.

In Life, we usually do not/cannot understand or appreciate much of anything until we have actually experienced it for ourselves.  When you stop to think about it, this makes perfectly reasonable sense. 
  1. What exactly is it that you are buying & paying for? 
  2. Who do you really trust to deliver the "goods?" 
  3. How can you trust, inspect, and verify "services rendered?"

NOTE:  A work in progress... to be continued.