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This page contains important Tips for the Purchase of New & Used Pianos.

Note:  Everyone wants to sell you a piano, even "PSO’s" (piano shaped objects).   Industry piano sales competition is fierce, intense, cut-throat, devious, and sometimes just plain "down & dirty" evil, all for the love of money!   “Buyer Beware!”  One simply has to know “who’s who,” and “what’s what.” 

  1. You need to be educated before you buy.   Shop around.  Play the field.  Discover all available options.   As with any major purchase, DO NOT RUSH!!!   Take ample time to make wise choices/decisions.   "Sleep on it" first.
  2. Budget.  Decide how much you can afford to spend after doing your research & shopping. 
  3. Investment.  Do not look for the “cheapest” piano.  Find the best in sound, performance/response, quality, and potential resale value (the Best Deal is not necessarily the cheapest).  A piano is not just another furniture piece- it is an instrument of art!  Music is in the ear of the beholder.   Your piano should be enticing, inviting, and exciting to hear & play.
  4. You need an advocate that has no personal financial interest/benefit in the outcome of the sales transaction.  Hire a trusted, experienced, competent Piano Technician to inspect even a new piano before purchase.
  5. Every piano has its own individual personality.  No two are exactly alike. 
  6. When you decide which piano suits you, record the "serial number" for future reference & documentation on the "bill of sale."
  7. Require a dealer/seller to "spell out" (in writing) exactly what "Pre-Sale Prep." has been done and/or will be done before & after purchase. 
  8. Warranty.  Specifically- what is covered, what is not covered, and for how long.  Most problems, if any, will show up in the first few years.  Many warranty issues are ignored, or left unresolved, due to negligence and/or incompetence on the part of the piano tuner-technician. 
  9. NEVER BUY A PIANO "SIGHT UNSEEN!"  This includes online internet purchases.  Unless you have seen & played/heard it for yourself, there is no real way to know what you are buying.  Good "common sense" is always the best practice.