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Christian Brothers is not called "The Michelangelo of Piano Tuning" without good reason.   Since 1976, for over 33 yrs. now, Christian Brothers has been the first call technician for professionals throughout the greater Austin area and across the Great State of Texas.

Creating Masterpiece and Legacy one piano at a time, Tuner-Technician, Michael P. Severino, chooses to give you the optimum in performance results that you so richly deserve, desire, and need, whether Concert Artist, Professional, Teacher, or Amateur.  It's not more than you need, just more than you are accustomed to receiving!    So, for a "Concert Hall/Artist Quality" piano tuning, call Christian Brothers today!

  Not all piano tunings are created equal!   A higher price does not necessarily guarantee, or ensure, a truly fine, high quality performance result.   Because of this situation, Christian Brothers must clearly define, quantify, and qualify that which is unseen, in the sounds of the piano, though not invisible to the senses.

Any adjustment of "pitch" (even a single string) is considered "tuning!"  Anyone can "Tune" a Piano, Organ, Harp, Guitar, Radio, TV, etc., but the question is "How Well?"   That answer can be difficult to find, even for those who know what they really want & need!  The "How Well" is ultimately determined by the Tuner's Due Diligence in the application of Musical Harmonic Concepts & Structures.  The "Paint by Numbers" art pieces are never considered to be "Fine Art."  In like fashion, "Tuning by Numbers" (with or without Technology) is not considered "Fine Tuning."

Piano "tuning" is a musical performance "product" that can be judged as easily as any other type of performance.   Piano tuning using the "Renaissance Theory" produces a standard of quality by which all other tunings must/may be judged.

"Not Just Tuning"
As a matter of course, Every "Piano Tuning" includes a thorough evaluation, and "truth," of the instrument's playability, reliability, and potential.  Service recommendations/options are given, and explained, in order to maximize the player's musical expectations, enjoyment, and satisfaction.  Informed & educated decisions/choices can then be made in terms of the Piano's care, refinement, and investment.

"Renaissance Theory" 
  • Signature Tuning
  • Exciting the 17th Partial
  • Full Spectrum Sound Conception
  • A Perfect Scale of Optimized Overtone Alignment
  • Unsurpassed Pitch Stability
  • Auditory Healing/Awakening/Training
  • Creative Inspiration

*Hitting an Invisible Target

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." — Arthur Schopenhauer

Musical Artistry & Master Craftsmanship, in the use of State-of-the-Art piano tuning technologies, allows for the never before heard consistencies of sound sculpturing & tonal enhancement.  The "17th Partial" is an overtone element of sound production so high (in actual pitch) as to be virtually inaudible.  However, its presence is heard/felt in terms of creating an enhanced richness of texture & color of the sound.  This phenomenon can only be created, consistently, through the use of maximum/peak "stretch tuning" throughout the entire piano scale/range.
(See "State of the Arts" in QUESTIONS? page)

New School of "Renaissance Theory"
has begun in August 2007 by popular demand & request!  Only those prequalified by meeting highly specific requirements for aptitude (musical & mechanical), ethics (honesty & integrity), artistic motivational desire, etc., will be considered for personalized training.  Only those capable of consistently producing/maintaining "Renaissance Theory" Quality results will be "Certified" for successful Course Completion.
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